Aros Performance Management

We are a management consultancy that works with non-profit organizations, b-corporations, for-benefits, and for-profits that seek to improve society through social innovation. We believe that society works when all stakeholders are actively involved in finding mutually beneficial solutions.


Our focus areas:

1. Working with healthcare related organizations to optimize clinical research and development

2. Maximize organizational value through development of a cohesive theory of change

3. Communication and facilitation services to align brand and value with financial and operational strategies to optimize value delivery of socially innovative organizations

Antonio Mastroianni, Principal

After many years in corporate America, Antonio was motivated by his wife’s work in sustainable development to engage in social innovation and apply his skills to fulfill the needs of those impacted by public failure or contract failure and promote new ways to tackle social problems beyond public-funding or private donation. This led him to the Uppsala Monitoring Centre (WHO Collaborating Centre for International Drug a Monitoring), where he led several successful transformation efforts.


For NGOs and non-profits to be sustainable, and ease pressure on governments, new legal frameworks will be needed to ensure sustainability through engagement of corporate participation through market-based incentives. This equates to a simple formula of engagement and collaboration across private, public, and social sectors.

As a former corporate employee, civil servant and leader within non-profit sector Antonio has developed skills in strategic management, analytics, program management, partnership management, and organizational development, which is coupled with a social mission to extend civil society to all. He seeks to use his influence and leadership to get different stakeholders to collaborate, by drawing on his tri-sector experience to understand the needs, aspirations, and motivations of all three sectors and frame solutions with contextual familiarity.


7 years of experience working in non-profit sector in a variety of capacities from staff to C-level


11 years of experience in corporate America from project manager to Service Operations Director

Government & International

Experience at the national and state level of US Government and with international standard setting bodies across the globe