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Aros Performance Management and Healthcare

Based on in-house expertise and a broad network of healthcare leaders, practioners, and professionals APM offers management consulting services to healthcare related organizations. As healthcare under goes disruption and transformation it is becoming clear that many of the foundations of success in other industries, such as, standardization, integration, communication, customer satisfaction (patient outcomes), cost management must be integrated into through the incoporation of systems thinking. Healthcare can no longer be safely or effectively delivered through siloed based thinking.


APM bringing BlueCloud® to Europe

APM has a strategic alliance with HealthCarePoint, creators of the BlueCloud® Network, which was nominated as one of the top business and technology innovations of 2015. The aim of this partnership is to improve safety and efficiency in clinical research and development in Europe. APM is offering the full set of cloud services to the European market via BlueCloud®, which improves healthcare services and clinical research by enhancing communication, operations, interaction between key parties. APM and HealthCarePoint share certain beliefs and perspectives around the conduct of clinical research globally and want to work together to address these challenges for safer research.


The cloud services offered aim to improve clinical research and development by removing silos and streamlining communication between key stakeholders in the clinical research and development process. This solution aims to seamlessly connect CROs, clinical sites located at universities and hospitals, institutional review boards, health plans, care organizations, compliance organizations, medical groups, and credentialing and contracting organizations.


BlueCloud® provides the following key advantages for clinical research


  • Special modules developed for sponsors, CROs, and sites
  • Professional experience and training tracking services through profile management
  • eLearning system management to document and track healthcare education and training
  • The International Electronic Education Network (IEEN) - a B2B global collaborative marketplace where private, shareable libraries of education, training and certification programs can be created and shared among healthcare professionals and other stakeholders

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